Benefits of Document Scanning

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There are many benefits when you have your documents, drawings, and microfilm images scanned. Listed below are a few examples of the benefits that you could expect when selecting Scan File as your document scanning service provider.

1. No more lost documents: once your documents have been scanned and archived, your documents will never get misplaced or misfiled again.

2. Our Scanning service also safeguards the information by digitally limiting user access to particular documents or portions of the document. It can serve as a back-up for business continuation and disaster recovery purposes.

3. Through the use of sophisticated software and regular quality checks, we ensure the highest level of imaging for every document.

4. A professional service: with over 25 years of experience ensures that your documents are in capable hands.

5. Scanning services are performed during normal business hours in a secure locked-down facility.

6. No large setup costs or expensive hardware requirements.

7. A quality service: using the latest technology scanning equipment ensuring a cost-effective solution.

8. Save Space: utilize your office space

9. Save Money: no more expensive, ongoing storage costs.

10. Save Time: no more filing and refilling of documents. You will have instant access to your documents on your documents when you need them.

11. Document scanning allows the information to be accessed simultaneously by multiple users and locations and maintains the integrity of the document by providing the user with a “read-only” format of the image.

12. Our document scanning services utilize state-of-the-art, high-speed scanners producing crisp, clear, readable images that cannot be altered or deleted. Images are provided as industry-standard PDF or TIFF read-only formats.

13. Media delivery options include CD-ROM, Removable hard drive, FTP. We also can prepare files for direct loading into numerous document and content management software platforms. CD duplication services are also available.

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Scaning Services

Scan File has been helping businesses throughout the UK convert Paper to digital documents. At Scan File we use world-leading Kodak technology for both black and white and colour high-speed scanning.

Document Storage

Our Scan File storage facility offers secure paper and film storage and has been designed to allow maximum flexibility and access to your stored documents.

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Don't let your information fall into the wrong hands. Destroy your unwanted document with our certified service.

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