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ScanFile can digitise your aperture card archive using some of the latest scanner technology from Wicks and Wilson.

This ensures that your well used microfilm legacy can be safely backed up and stored for daily use on CD / DVD or other optional delivery formats.

We understand the value of this technical data and by converting your cards to a digital format, they can be retrieved and viewed for many years to come, safely knowing that these aperture cards will not continue to deteriorate though daily usage.

The images can also be converted in too many other formats allowing your images to be transferred into your CAD system, without the need to re-draw the whole design.


Plus many more.

Current and ongoing customers who use ScanFile to convert their aperture cards include many aerospace and manufacturing engineering companies based throughout the UK.


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What our clients are saying

“The service levels we receive are first class. Steve and the team are always on hand to assist. Their document scanning service has completely transformed our firm and we can not recommend ScanFile enough.”

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