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The majority of data capture is completed on scanner using OCR and Barcode technology capture tools.

All manual data capture completed by ScanFile is single charged double entry, this ensures a quality of information which is unrivalled in today’s market place. Achieving 99.995% accuracy, it guarantees you will always find the document or file you are looking for.

Utilising the latest technology available, we work closely with you to determine the fields of index to allow instant access to your business critical records. Indexing can be provided on one or many fields and software will allow you to search for information across one or a combination of any of your specific criteria.

Full text OCR is available for when more advanced search capabilities are required.

Hyper Links allow you to go directly to a chosen reference or page when needed. This can often enhance retrieval times, making finding your information easier, quicker and more effective.

High volume data entry such as consumer surveys, coupons, questionnaires and data analysis forms can be achieved with ScanFile, we offer both on-shore and offshore solutions.

ScanFile commit to the highest levels of accuracy using double entry keying whilst retaining quality as well as remaining highly competitive. This flexibility means we can meet your demanding schedules and turnarounds.


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What our clients are saying

“The service levels we receive are first class. Steve and the team are always on hand to assist. Their document scanning service has completely transformed our firm and we can not recommend ScanFile enough.”

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