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The Dashboard is a business intelligence reporting tool which extracts data from multiple sources and presents your key data onto your web browser. You can also drill down to the detail within a few clicks. This Dashboard can save a huge amount of time collecting information as it presents all data in real time.

Key benefits in terms of reporting data:

•Reduced time/cost in time spent creating, combining and reconciling disparate reports and information
• Improves speed and accuracy of decision making
• Cost-effective, therefore, faster, more demonstrable return on investment
• Typical implementation takes a matter of days – easy to get up and running
• Does not require IT involvement to install, change or customise
• Real-time data and easy to drill down to the detail
• Data is merged seamlessly from a variety of sources (spreadsheets, accounting software, etc.)
• Completely automated

Some areas to think about are what could be improved in your management information process, what impact would it have if you could have more up to date information and what problems are you currently facing in terms of getting the right information? If you could get access to information more quickly, allowing you to make more accurate decisions and save 30% of your time by not collating this information would this benefit you?

The answer we are finding more often than not is that information takes too long to source and that you have to get it from multiple areas which take valuable time and resource. Also this can lead to the information being out of date by the time you have finally received it to review!

For more information please contact one of our management consultants.


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